Work page plz check mum

Happy Mother’s Day!

i did some work!

Should we get shrekt?
Reason 1
We shouldn’t because that would mean that donkey will annoy us.
Reason 2
We should because then we will be able to be behind the scenes in shrek.
Reason 3
We should because we can interview shrek and his friends of wat there life has been like.

i can read persuasive texts

i can write words

i can work in a focus group

i can work with others

what I’ve been doing this term

how to find golden freddy

what you will need

An ipad or computer

Five nights at freddys

up to night 1

  1. Get up to 5am on night 1
  2. Flash the left door 2 times
  3. Check the 2b camerea
  4. if you see the poster get out of the camerea
  5. you will see that a yellow goldfish bear is in your office
  6. get killed by him

Now you can prove to your friends that you found him!

i have been clarifying a book and I knew all the words!

clarifying is re-reading a word that you don’t know and look it up in the dictionary

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